Special Services


  • Lifting
  • Pumping & Air lifting
  • Buoyant lifts & Ships settling
  • Cut and wet welding
  • Sealing wedges with Epoxy
  • Patching and coffer damming
  • Lifting with pontoons & lift bags
  • Demolition for all salvage purposes

Hydrographic Surveys

  • Bathymetric survey
  • Bottom profiling
  • Side scan sonar
  • Dredging calculations
  • Metrological and ocean graphic studies
  • Tidal stream and wind Studies
  • Soil Investigation – Boring Services

ROV Inspections

Routine inspections using our ROVs are the key to the long-term care and success of any Marine Ship or Structure.

Media Services

O2 Group provides a wide range of media services. Please contact us for more details.