Industry Services

Onshore Projects

Marine Civil Engineer Constructions

O2 provide a range from simple inspection and surveys to full turnkey project management these support services are a valuable outsourcing resources for companies that require specialist knowledge of marine works either for construction or for the maintenance and through life support for marine assets, in addition to general construction services such as:

  • Power station works
  • Construction and Repairing piers
  • Demolition and Removing debris
  • Pipeline , cable inspection and services
  • Harbor services
  • Dams repair and maintenance
  • Construction of water intakes
  • Construction of wave breakers
  • Construction of sewage outflows
  • Dredging in canals and harbors

Marine Infrastructure

O2 Group understands what it takes to provide safe, effective and efficient structural engineering repair and assessment to the marine infrastructure industry. Our personnel can perform diving operations to inspect infrastructure components and, if needed, assess repair requirements in various underwater conditions including limited visibility, high currents, restricted conditions and cold water. Projects that we can accomplish include inspections of piers, wharves, seawalls, bulkheads, docks, outfalls and other water service facilities.