Principles & Goal

Our Goal

The maximum qualitative and complete service of ships and the oil fields in maximum qualitative and complete service of ships in accordance with the highest international standards.


Committed: We will ensure that all our employees are given the best possible work-ing environment and tools to carry out their work with joy and commitment.

Competent: We will continuously devel¬op the knowledge and competence of the employees.

Co-operative: We believe that long-term solutions can only be developed through excellent cooperation between all parties working directly or indirectly with the opera-tion of the vessels.

Honest and straightforward: We all have an obligation to bring forward any concern we may have and be willing to discuss them with an open mind and a genuine interest in other people’s concerns.

Short terms: we respect the time of our client and implement solutions that achieve efficiency in the shortest possible time

Mobility: in the shortest possible time, at the request of the ship-owners, we proceed to work practically in any port around the world

Quality: the company guarantee high quality of works implementation because of professionalism of our divers and engineers, application of front-rank technologies and modern equipment

Individual Approach: for each specific task, for each vessel, we use an individual approach, choosing methodology, technolo-gy, necessary equipment and a special team

Correctness and confidentiality of commercial information: any information will be kept in confidential, as part of our contract with you for cooperation