Health , Safety, Environment & Quality Policy

O2 Group Promotes an organizational culture which strives to ensure the highest standards of personal health and safety and to offer environmentally safe practices.To reach these objectives, in the general interest of our workforce, customers , shareholders , and communities in which the company operate,02 has established the following objectives :

  • Make sure that no business operation will be pursued at the sacrifice of safety . no project or operation will be undertaken without prior assessment of health safety & environmental risks . Accidents and injuries are preventable.
  • Continually improve our safety performance to become an injuries are preventable.
  • Ensure a working environment free from substance abuse with high standards of occupational health .
  • Provide personnel with proper equipment and training in accordance with their duties.
  • Make all the necessary resources available to establish *pollution free” working practices. Minimize, or eliminate if possible, the release of any pollutant that may cause environmental damage.
  • Encourage each employee to be involved in the improvement of safety performance and to behave proactively in preventing accidents or property damage.
  • Immediately report and investigate all accidents to identify root causes and develop preventive measures for our company.
  • Work as a team to satisfy our own and our customers requirements in respect to quality, reliability, environment and safety.
  • Establish a Safety, Quality and Environment Management System adapted to our operating practices, evaluate it regularly, and set up action plans linked to improvement targets.
  • prioritize dialogue, promote sharing of experience and provide adequate information throughout the company.
  • Comply with the laws and regulations applicable to our organization wherever O2 conducts business.
  • Select sub-contractors and partners whose safety standards are acceptable to O2 and whose commitment to safe work practices be clearly and continuously demonstrated.