About O2 Group

For Diving Services & Marine Works

O2 Group founded in 2006 starting with under- water works, our energy, our honesty, our trust to ship owners, partners and customers signed long-terms agreements for a regular maintenance. We quickly expanded the field of our activities with professional team and top management who can reveal the powerful potential the company and implement projects all over the world. Having large experience in ships ‘services, onshore and offshore field. Providing the high quality services. Proceedings to expand the range of services to include (marine services, marine surveys, ship registration, consulting, crewing, training and agency services).
Using our potential and development prospects.

O2 Group provides a full range of experience, capabilities and equipment to provide quality repairs for commercial ship markets, oil and gas platform owners, marine infrastructure construc­tions and industry services.

O2 Group uses a variety of manned and unmanned technologies supported by highly experienced operators and engineers to develop cost-effective solutions to a wide range of under¬water challenges

O2 Group has Perfect communication and high standards which is important in performing underwater repair and inspection operations in the shipping sector.

O2 Group has committed itself to execute these jobs as cost effective and swift as possible with the highest standards and quality for operators and equipment worldwide.

O2 Group believes that every client deserves quality and fast service. The core of our business ethics and the foundation of our business relationships is our commitment to fulfilling that promise of quality service

Today O2 Group can legally take proud of one leading places in the field industrial underwater services to ship-owners. Our company has two main branches in Egypt and UAE based in ( Alexandria , Dubai , Fujairah )

In brief

We respond to your needs without delay. O2 Group offers 24/7 expert underwater survey, repair and salvage services from its Fully equipped base in Alexandria Dubai and Fujairah to clients in Middle  East  area ports and around the world. O2 Group will immediately mobilize divers / technicians to any location around the globe to carry out works.


O2 Group strategy is aimed at strengthening its leadership in the market of maritime services. Confidence in achieving the objectives based on a qualitative management. the availability of modem resources and professionalism of each and every company’s specialists. who not only are qualified but also devoted to the favorite cause.