Diving Services & Marine Works

O2 Group provides a full range of experience,capabilities and equipment to provide quality repairs for commercial ship markets, oil and gas platform owners, marine infrastructure constructions and industry services

Scope & Services

Ship Services

Surveys, inspections, repairs, welding, cutting & cleaning

Oil & Gas

Pipelines & Cables Works, S.P.M. Services, Construction, Inspection

Industry Services

For Onshore Projects and Marine Infrastructures

Underwater Services

In Water and Survey services

Special Services

Salvage & Hydrographic Surveys

To Deliver the Maximum Qualitative and Complete Service in Accordance  with the Highest International Standards 

Ship Services

In Water Surveys & Inspections

  • Complete hull surveys
  • Inspections on rudders and bearings
  • NDT underwater inspections

Underwater Ship Repairs

  • Hull and rudder repairs
  • Propeller cracks repairs
  • Blank of sea chests suctions and discharge

Underwater Welding and Cutting

  • Sacrificial anode replacement
  • Rope guard repairs
  • Rudder and hull repairs


Propeller Polishing

  • We keep the propeller in an ultra smooth condition
  • Our equipment provides a suction force to the propeller surface with maneuvering over the blade face easily by the diver

Hull Cleaning

02 Group utilizes unique technology for cleaning of large, seago­ing vessels, Offering complete solutions to the ship industry for planning, accomplishment and documentation of underwater-cleaning

Founded in 2006

Experience and Quality Service

24 Hours a Day

7 Days a week

Oil & Gas

Offshore Fields Work

Pipelines & Cables Works

  • Air lifting bags
  • Trenching
  • Repair Works
  • Boring Works

S.P.M. Services

  • Inspection
  • Replacing hoses
  • Anchoring works
  • Servicing the field

Construction Works

  • Air lifting bags
  • Inspection
  • Drilling Rigs
  • Pilling Works

Inspection Works

  • NDT underwater inspections
  • Wall thickness inspection
  • MPI inspection
  • Visual inspection

Industry Services

Onshore Projects

O2 provides a range from simple inspection and surveys to full turnkey project management these support services are a valuable outsourcing resources for companies that require specialist knowledge of marine works either for construction or for the maintenance and through life support for marine assets, in addition to general construction services


Marine Infrastructure

Projects that we can accomplish include inspections of piers, wharves, seawalls, bulkheads, docks, outfalls and other water service facilities

Certificates & Accreditation

Some of Our Clients